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April 27, 2015

11th – 12th April – Realistic Skin Tone Workshop with Alfonso

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Pupil Comments

Ben : Once again a very professional workshop run by John, the content delivered by Alfonso was first rate, digestable and at the same time mind altering. I felt that after so many years of painting that I had learned all I could, its as if another door has been opened and now I feel inspired to move on with endless possibilities presented by a new understanding of colour.

Thoroughly recommended, even for experienced painters, so much so, i’d have paid triple the price.

Iain : The weekend, for me and I suspect a few others too, was a complete eye-opener in terms of how you approach painting miniatures and cannot recommend the workshops highly enough.

Craig : My impression of the workshop is mind-blowingly good

Rupert : Already I notice a change in my painting, how I sit, how I hold my brush, how I hold the figure. Worth every penny

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