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Introduction to Airbrushing with John Harrison in Sutton-in-Ashfield

The Weekend Workshop is digging out it’s airbrush cleaners and thinners and heading to the Scythe and Teacup for a weekend of painting and learning. Our teacher for the weekend is none other than myself, John Harrison, I am an award winning UK painter who has travelled to and competed at some of the toughest painting competitions across Europe.

I shall be teaching the very basics of using your airbrush from how to maintain your airbrush, apply smooth basecoats to both army painting and display painting techniques, I will take you through precision exercises to really hone your abilities and you will receive constant guidance as your apply your newly learn techniques and skills to the free miniatures you shall receive.

The workshops costs £85 for both days, included along with your tuition is your free miniature and hobby support after the workshop.

The workshop will run from 10am until 6pm, the workshop will be broken up into 4 main chunks, morning and afternoon session over the 2 days, the morning sessions will be more focused on the theory and ideas of what I will be teaching, with an hour or two in between demonstrations to get some painting done, the focus on the afternoon sessions is for you to sit down and get a good few hours painting in so you can really get to grips with what is being taught. I will be there to give you feedback and reinforce the ideas, theories and techniques, give you advice how can improve your technical skills and answer any hobby related question you can think of!

Items that you will need to bring with you:-

Paint Brushes
A Lamp (or two) with a daylight bulb
Palette (ideally a wet palette)
A scalpel or X-acto knife
Fine grit sand paper/file
Pin vice, drill bit and brass rod
Plinth or stand
Don’t worry if you cant bring all of these items or you forget some as we will have some spare that you can lend.

For enquirers and further information or to book a place on the workshop, gives us an email, pm or contact us on Facebook or use the contact form on our Get Involved page

Getting to Sutton-in-Ashfield





Vehicle Weathering Workshop with John Harrison in Cardiff

If you’d like to learn how to add character to your vehicles, make them look battered, worn, used, abused or simply unloved, then this is the ideal workshop for you! During the workshop I will cover how to use pigments, oils, chipping fluid, mud effects, decals and stencils, I will also be offering support to help people improve there airbrush skills!

The model we will be using for the workshop will be a Tamiya Mini Cooper Rally, it’s 1/24th scale, so pretty big and it has a mix nice surfaces to work on!

Places cost £95, to book your place I shall need a £35 non refundable deposit, this payment can be made via PayPal or bank transfer.

For further information or to register your interest, you can either contact us via the get involved page or via Facebook!

Getting to Cardiff

By Plane
If you’re flying over for the workshop you will want to fly to Cardiff Airport and then travel by via bus or train the 14 miles in to the city centre.
By Train
If you are traveling via train, Cardiff Central will be you destination, the station is approximately half a mile walk from the venue, cheaper train tickets can be found at The Train Line, train tickets in the UK can be very expensive, so make sure you book early.

By Coach
The cheapest option for travel is traveling via coach, this can often be half the price of a train ticket, Cardiff Bus Station is just around the corner from the train station. coach tickets can be bought from National Express.
If you have any questions or need any help dont hesitate to get in touch through our Website or our Facebook page!