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About Us

1170746_10152588359753345_1054168380_nThe Weekend Workshop was created by myself, John Harrison aka Darkmessiah, back in October 2011 with the support of the UK painters forum Platoon Britannica. The aim of The Weekend Workshop is to bring the best painters from around the world to teach in the UK, to give painters in the UK the tools to improve their painting skills, in a short amount of time, at a really affordable price that’s yet to be matched.

The initial thought about creating workshops in the UK came from when I, and a British based contingent of painters, traveled to a 7 day workshop called Figostock in the summer of 2010. The workshop was organised by Jérémie Bonamant Teboul, a world class french painter and was filled by a who’s, who of world class painters, including Alfonso Giraldes, Thomas David, Jacque Alexandre Gillinos and Jose Manuel Palomares. In spite of the trek down to Montellimar and eating, sleeping and painting in 40c heat, its was an exceptional experience that has drastically improved my painting ability, I quite literally made years worth of progress in 7 days, there is knowledge I picked up at Figostock that I couldn’t have learned from anyone in the UK, not even now.

Myself, Chris Octive and Alex Riley traveled back, very excited to pass on our newly acquired knowledge, which we have, to the best of our ability, via forums and painting meet ups. I myself started looking at the British painting community and the workshops available to help people, and struggled to find any, and that is when I became determined  to provide painting workshops in Britian, to help people match their potential and help them achieve what they want to achieve in the hobby, whether that’s be becoming an award winning painter, sculptor or just a better hobbyist in general.


A Typical Workshop

The typical workshop lasts 2 days, its runs from 10am until early evening and covers 2 main topics. The mains topics are usually allocated a day each with each day split up into a morning and afternoon session, the morining sessions tend to be theory lead, this is where you will learn about the subject from the teachers perspective, these ideas are conveyed through a mixture of demonstration, presentation and good old fashioned talking! An hour or two is set aside for some painting, this is usually prep work for the afternoons session, so you will work on the likes of mini prep, undercoating and basecoating.

The afternoon sessions are focused on applying the mornings knowledge to the miniature your painting, its a very important part of the day because apply a technique or an idea to a model can make it much easier to understand, this is when ideas and thoughts will start to click . The afternoon sessions actually tend to be quite relaxed, you will get about 5-6 hours painting in, have a chat, get to know the people your with and generally be very geeky! Whilst your painting the teacher and I will keep an eye on what your doing, help you make corrections if you need to, give you feedback and support so you walk away with an indepth understanding of what is being taught.

After the workshop has officially ended for the day we usually hang a round for a little while longer, do a little more painting, chat and give the students the opportunity to ask any extra questions they want, then we head for the bright lights of Liverpool, with plenty of great pubs and eateries its a great city to turn off and relax.

Our Teachers

11Chris Octive – Chris has been painting now for about 5 years, he claims he was tricked into the hobby when a friend asked him to paint a Skaven blood bowl team, but take it from me Chris is very much a geek at heart and am sure he would found the hobby at sometime. Chris was one of the original members of Team Harrow, the group that founded the British painting community Platoon Britannica, he is also a graduate of Figostock 2010. Since Figostock his ability has grown at a huge pace along with his trophy cabinet, picking up 3 Demons, 2 1st places at Salute and gold at Euro Militaire. Want to see more of Chris minis? Check out his blog Monkeyman7x


scottScott Hockley – Scott is a long established painter within in the UK community, painting for over 10 years now, he is the head honcho over at Platoon Britannica, taking over and breathing new life into the community when the previous leadership stepped away. Scott is a big fan of amply proportioned and scantily clad lady miniatures, which has unsurprisingly brought him great success at Salute and at Wamped, taking best in show last time out. Scott also has a demon win to his name from 2009. You can see more of Scott’s work over on CoolMiniorNot


Tue Kaae – Tue is a very talented painter and exceptionally talented sculptor, from the cold(ish) lands of Denmark, he is most certainly a huge figure in their community and teaches regularly over there. Tue is well known for some of his iconic Golden Demon wins in the UK, at the moment Tue is working all out on a Golden Demon assault this year, on the sly he is also quietly sculpting some stunning fantasy miniatures for potential release next year! Certainly worth keeping an eye out for! To see Tue’s demon wins, check out his page on Demon Winner


rafRafa García Marín – Rafa, a.k.a. Volomir, is a very well known member of the Spanish Team community and a miniature painting evangelist from Madrid. A very successful painter who, as of 2012, has picked up 10 demons from 4 different countries. Beyond his exceptional painting ability, he is well known for his devilish charm and good looks and for being the biggest geek in Spain and maybe even the world! To see more of Rafa’s minis, head over to his also very famous blog, Volomir’s Blog


hhhElias Alonso – Elias is one of the most talented painters in Spain, currently the lead painter for Scale 75, a lot of there iconic box arts are of his creation.


10502190_685174384906927_37924940115392769_nAlfonso Giraldes – Alfonso is considered one of the best painters in the world. He has been at the top of the hobby for a number of years, painting the most iconic miniatures for Knight Models.


1170746_10152588359753345_1054168380_nJohn Harrison – John (me), is the founder of The Weekend Workshop and is a competitive painter from the UK. John has traveled the extensively around Europe, attending competitions and workshops.