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October 29th and 30th 2011 – Workshop with Scott and Chris



Pupil Reviews

Mario Delg – 1st Day

Great Venue. Space for all. Tables all set and ready for 8 of us plus two “Masters” and one great organizer.

Scott had a group of five and we started getting the Statueque mini ready. Once ready and primed we went on discussing NMM and after Scott did the gun we did ours. Meanwhile Chris group were busy building beastmen……quality still available :D !!. They were painting “alien/monster skins…….waagghh!!….

Hope tomorrow is as good…!!

John Keys – I thought I would write a review of the weekend as it was a particular highlight of my painting time thus far.

For me the weekend started on Friday evening having caught the train from Watford to Liverpool. Jumping off at Lime Street station you very quickly find yourself in the heart of this vibrant city. Holding the weekend over Halloween was an inspired choice as the city seems to dress up to celebrate. Never in my short walk from the train to my hotel have I seen so many zombies, witches and other more impressive sights in my life. Having met up with John, Scott and Chris that evening we had a ‘couple’ of drinks and enjoyed the night life.

10 am we met in the scythe and teacup a local games hangout where 2 tables were laid out in preparation for us, John introduced the weekend and we quickly split into 2 groups one with Chris on monster flesh and metallics and the other with Scott for flesh and NMM. After assembly and a quick blast of undercoat we were ready to kick off in earnest. I wont go into all of the finer details other to say we cracked on with base coats and the shading only to be shocked that 4 hours had passed without us moving out of our chairs. This dedication went well into the evening with more and more theory, demos and practice on the agenda. I must say that Chris was extremely well able to put over complex ideas in a way that was easy to understand and was extremely helpful throughout.

After another evening on the town, much more relaxed than the night before I should say, and many more impressive sights around the city centre we met back in the teacup the following day. For the group with Chris we swapped over to metallics for a while and each completed part of an axe. I must say that the methods Chris teaches aren’t the easiest but by going step but step are quite doable and do give extremely impressive results. You only have to see his work to appreciate how good. Later in the day we went back to the flesh and played with some highlights and some methods for doing fur. Right at the end of the day we had a good play with warm and cold shading and highlights to create an interesting contrast.

During the second afternoon we managed to break out for an hour and have a quick demo and chat with Scott regarding some skin painting on a space marine head. The things he can do in such a short period of time are mind blowing. Once again Scotts manner was extremely helpful and enlightening, I just wished I had lots more time with him to really start to understand things more. Also during this time John took the time to demo how he takes pictures and uses photoshop to correct the levels and do some cropping of the image size etc… which was once again extremely helpful.

Overall, the weekend was well organised, well planned and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend this to anyone that’s interested in learning something new or moving their skills forward. No word of a lie I feel that in one weekend I’ve increased my skill and knowledge along about a years worth. I know it’s nothing without practice so I’m off to do some more right now.

Lastly I just want to thank John, Chris and Scott for such an enjoyable learning experience, gents I thank you!

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