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August 25th and 26th 2012 – Workshop with Chris



Workshop Review


If you hadn’t heard The Weekend Workshop descended upon The Scythe and Teacup once again for another 2 days of painting toy soldiers! Chris travelled up on the Friday from London to a Liverpool busy celebrating Europe’s biggest free music event, after spending a couple of hours taking in the sights and sounds of Liverpool we headed up to the Scythe.
Although the workshop officially started on the Saturday, I thought it would be a good idea for Chris to meet up with the students on the Friday evening so he could have a chance to have a chat and get to know everybody. A wise decision it was too, as the toy soldier ‘nerd out’ slowly faded with the super glue fumes , the natter turned to which beverages would be tasted at the local watering hole.
After an enjoyable evening, every arrived well rested for the 10am morning start, I gave a quick introduction for Chris, myself, the Scythe and its hugely enjoyable sausage butties!The aim of the workshop was to take everyone through how Chris approaches skin tones and metallics, giving everyone a strong foundation in zenithal light, colour theory and contrast which is so prevalent in both the French and Spanish styles of painting and then provide follow up support to ensure everyone continued their development.Chris quickly started on his ogre, demonstrating and explaining one stage after another, sending the students off after each to work on their own ogres, using Chris’ techniques combined with their own colours choices.
As the day continued Chris started working with the lads one to one, ensuring they were heading in the right direction, explaining his ideas and techniques further if needed, doing a quick demo if something wasn’t quite understood. Then came his verbal duel with one of the brightest minds the Scythe had to offer, an eight year old girl! His pirate ogre isn’t a pirate, despite his peg leg, eye patch, stripy trousers and his squid and star fish friends, he wasn’t a pirate, just a monster! Well that was us well and truly told!
After great food and liquid refreshment at the Philharmonic Dining Rooms we departed to hibernate.Sunday was a more relaxed, slower day, the reduced tempo allowing everyone to process the more complex ideas from the day before whilst working on the more straight forward metallics. Again Chris took the lads through his metallics step by step, maintaining the colour theory lighting and contrast from the day before, the lads worked up until lunch and then started the 2012 nerd invasion of model zone!After lunch Chris rounded off the metallics, both silver and gold, this allowed us to open the workshop up to requests, marble and leather was the topics of choice, Chris demoing both. The day slowed further as the lads kept working and refining their ogres.
And then it was home time, Chris left at 7 and the guys slowly trickled out the door after him!On behalf of Chris and myself, I want to thank all the lads for making the effort to come down, especially Mike and Heiki, who made quite long trips themselves (Heiki took the win with a superb effort, travelling from Estonia via Latvia), I want to thank the Scythe and Teacup, your staff really are a credit to you, and I personally want to thank my partner in crime, Chris Octive, or to call him by his Scouse name Ockie, you’re a top notch bloke kidda and I look forward to more escapades in the future, where ever they may be!




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